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      We are a family company with over 25 years of experience in the scrap metal market. Since its inception, customer satisfaction has been our top priority. To cope with this challenge, we are constantly developing our competences, taking care of the development of our employees and allocating significant resources to providing modern technical facilities.


        Throughout all these years, thanks to hard work, people's commitment and well-thought-out investments, we have become a recognizable brand on the domestic market, which allowed us to take the next step in development - expand our business to foreign markets. We have become a significant supplier for the metallurgical industry, serving steel mills and foundries throughout Europe.

        Over the last few years - without slowing down the pace, we have made further investments.

       We can boast of storage yards with a total area of over 25,000. m2 equipped with a modern machine park thanks to which: we accept, segregate, pack and prepare for shipment scrap in accordance with the requirements of our customers.

       We comprehensively provide container, car and train deliveries and pickups. 

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